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Funny Computer Quotes

Berikut ini kutipan lucu tentang komputer yang pastinya membuat anda ngakak sendirian. Dari pada saya dibilang gila karena tertawa sendiri, mending kita gila bersama :D

50. "Some things Man was never
meant to know. For everything
else, there's Google."

49. "Failure is not an option -- it
comes bundled with Windows."

48. "Computer games don't
affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man
affected us as kids, we'd all be
running around in darkened
rooms, munching magic pills and
listening to repetitive electronic

47. "COBOL programmers
understand why women hate

46. "Artificial Intelligence usually
beats natural stupidity."

45. "To err is human... to really
foul up requires the root

44. "Like car accidents, most
hardware problems are due to
driver error."

43. "If at first you don't succeed;
call it version 1.0"

42. "If Python is executable
pseudocode, then perl is
executable line noise."

41. "Programmers are tools for
converting caffeine into code."

40. "Why do we want intelligent
terminals when there are so
many stupid users?"

39. "I can't uninstall it, there
seems to be some kind of
'Uninstall Shield'."

38. "See daddy ? All the keys are
in alphabetical order now."

37. "Hey! It compiles! Ship it!"

36. "SUPERCOMPUTER: what it
sounded like before you bought

35. "Yo moma is like HTML: Tiny
head, huge body."

34. "Windows Vista: It's like
upgrading from Bill Clinton to
George W. Bush."

33. "The more I C, the less I

32. "Life would be so much
easier if we only had the source

31. "My software never has bugs.
It just develops random

30. "The only problem with
troubleshooting is that
sometimes trouble shoots back."

29. "Crap... Someone knocked
over my recycle bin... There's
icons all over my desktop..."

28. "Relax, its only ONES and

27. "rm -rf /bin/laden"

26. "I don't care if you ARE
getting a PhD in it ! Get away
from that damn computer and
go find a woman !"

25. "The great thing about
Object Oriented code is that it
can make small, simple problems
look like large, complex ones."

24. "If brute force doesn't solve
your problems, then you aren't
using enough."

23. “Programming is like sex, one
mistake and you have to support
it for the rest of your life.”

22. "Unix is user-friendly. It's just
very selective about who its
friends are."

21. Microsoft: "You've got
questions. We've got dancing

20. "I'm not anti-social; I'm just
not user friendly"

19. The world is coming to an

18. "If you don't want to be
replaced by a computer, don't
act like one."

17. "Better to be a geek than an

16. "I went to a gentleman's
cybercafe — and they offered
me a 'laptop dance'."

15. "After Perl everything else is
just assembly language."

14. "The Internet: where men
are men, women are men, and
children are FBI agents."

13. "There are 10 types of
people in the world: those who
understand binary, and those
who don't."

12. "Difference between a virus
and windows ? Viruses rarely

11. "Hacking is like sex. You get
in, you get out, and hope that
you didn't leave something that
can be traced back to you."

10. "1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly
n33d t0 g37 l41d"

9. "Helpdesk: There is an icon on
your computer labeled "My
Computer". Double click on it.
User: What's your computer
doing on mine?"

8. “I think Microsoft named .Net
so it wouldn’t show up in a Unix
directory listing.”

7. “If debugging is the process of
removing bugs, then
programming must be the
process of putting them in.”

6. "Computer dating is fine, if
you're a computer."

5. “Any fool can use a computer.
Many do.”

4. “Hardware: The parts of a
computer system that can be

3. "Those who can't write
programs, write help files."

2. "You know you're a geek
when... You try to shoo a fly
away from the monitor with your
cursor. That just happened to
me. It was scary."

1. “Computer language design is
just like a stroll in the park.
Jurassic Park, that is.”

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  1. hahaha...emang beber2 funny nih bang....hahayyy

    1. @kang farhan

      masih ada yang lucu nih kang
      nanti deh di post

  2. cukup membuat tersenyum di Sabtu pagi ,,,

    wilujeng ngeblog

    1. @kang asep

      jangan senyum senyum sendirian kang
      bahaya nanti

  3. hahahhahha..... di baca - baca jadi ketawa gannn :)

    happy blogging

    1. @ubaybingokil

      biar saya tebak, pasti karena nomor 11 yah :v

    2. @ubaybingokil

      biar saya tebak, pasti karena nomor 11 yah :v

  4. cukup meringis... abisnya nggak tau artinya xixixi...

  5. emang funny banget nih quote-nya... sip bang post-nya
    salam semangat selalu ya

  6. ^^ hehe mari gila bersama. . .


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